Thursday, January 21, 2010

Civil War

Civil war seems to be a part of every countries history even though it may be looked upon with shame. This type of warfare is one of the most awkward forms because it almost does not make any sense at all. War is supposed to be two opposite parties against one another not the same type of party against itself. Though they seem somewhat idiotic they still occur even in the present times of today.

Embarking upon puberty, some children are forced into civil wars carrying arms that are greater in stature than themselves. For decades in Uganda children foot soldiers have been active in civil war efforts, and we all know the saying the children are our future, but what kind of future will you have if there are no children? They fight valiantly even though they are very young age, with their naked minds open to any idea given to them. It really is shameful some of the lows that some will go to to win a battle thatis not even worth fighting.

During a civil war most do not realize that they are killing their own kind. The highest death toll in America's history comes from our very own civil war. How do you expect your own race of people to continue on if they are killing each other for reasons that could have been negotiated out? It seems like two people in the same family would be last to fight out there problems, but civil war proves that theory wrong.

If civil war can not be avoided because of moral reasons it should be avoided because of economic reasons. Warfare of any kind drains your economy especially this kind because of the same country versus the same country concept. War of this kind causes depression because all money is used to outfit military at civilians expense. Then at the end of the bout all you have is unemployment and monster debt for your nation all over an internal conflict that should have not resorted to that extreme of a level.

For what it is worth civil war can lead to some good because for example the United States of America is one of the strongest countries in the world and we had a civil war, but not all are as fortunate as we were and civil conflict usually leads to nothing except tragedy.