Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The Term Holocaust

Holocaust as we all know is word that carries with it lots of negative energy and is only used in the derogatory since, that is unless you are talking of how strong it made the Jewish people that survived it. Originally the word holocaust was a Bible word meaning burnt offerings to God, and in a sense the term is very correctly coined in a smart alecky kind of way but it is accompanied by vile images of massacre and a very dark period of time on this Earth. My heart goes out to the many Jewish people that were exterminated off of the Earth and some of their families that still strive on today and endure many harsh criticisms. Even the television shows that we watch for entertainment still degrade the Jewish people actions like these are very poor for a nation as great as ours and shows just how far we have to go as a people and a country.

The term holocaust needs to be italicized because it is technically a title for an event that happened in history, kind of like the theory behind books and their italicizing. Also this word is equipped with so much history and power behind it that is must be crowned with a special feature as to let those who do not the importance of this word will be given a clue and want to research. As most knowledgeable humans know the holocaust was a horrible thing and should still be replaced frequently in the minds of all so that this mistake will never happen again.
My holocaust picture is here.

The Author
Elie Wiesel should be regarded as a hero for his actions and will to survive, then live to tell about his journey. Not many people have the courage that this man has accompanied by genius literary talent to make a book last for generations. This book is one of those that you are thankful for getting the opportunity to read because it truly changes your whole thought process and view of subjects like World War II, the holocaust, the Jewish people, and Nazi Germany.

Darkness is symbolized in the book by bad, horrible situations that happen to the author at random times in the book. It represents a point in his life where he can not see the light at the end of the tunnel for all of the dark, or the mass depression filled state of mind he is in at all times because of his fear that the God he has believed in all of his life may not intervene. As in most parallel situations many can tell that a character is in a tough situation when it starts shaking a persons faith. Darkness could also be the very strong hand of the Nazis that is oppressing the author throughout this novel. In the book whenever a situation is presumed as dark something bad always happens. So in the end darkness is a symbol that describes the depression, hopelessness, and helplessness of the Jewish people in this novel.


Thank you! Thank you! You are far to kind! It has been a life long dream of mine to win this award and accept it in front of a beautiful audience such as you all. I mean many dream but very few achieve all of the things that they want in life and to even be nominated for this award I am blown away. I will not say that I am not deserving of this award because i have spent most of my academic life here at Harvard mentally exhausted just to be number one. So I proudly accept this award for being the first African-American valedictorian of Harvard.

When I was seventeen years old just starting my search for colleges I was immediately drawn to it for its prestige, history of excellence, and overall who would turn down Harvard. So there I was the next four years of my life was set in stone and arrived on campus for my first day. As I settled in I realized that I was surrounded by geniuses and that I do not think my head can take any more of knowledge, but I continually strived for greatness.

Through various sports and many other things that I have done throughout life I have learned a few things one is that not everything will always go your way, two when you fall down you must get up, and three the goal of education is not for you to make straight A's I obviously learned that here at Harvard but to grow intellectually and really understand the concepts being taught to you.

This award means so much also because a little boy from Batesville, Arkansas with less than five people in his family who have ever stepped foot on a college campus is now valedictorian at the best program in the nation. I do not only accept this award for myself but I accept it for all of the other people with dreams out there and all the people stuck doing something else because they just could not make it. This is to all of you, Thank you.

Now that I have proved that I can accomplish almost impossible tasks I will not stop here I will continue to reach for the higher plateau and never forget where I have come from and I thank you all for being here tonight my gratitude will never be able to be expressed and thank you for all of your support, goodnight!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Days Going Bye

This school year has been everything that any school year can ever be, I mean you have your ups, your downs, and in betweens, but for the most part it has been pretty good. I do believe that the school experiences that we have now in our youth will give us memories that we will need to carry on as adults. If only as young people we did not look at short term and actually could see into our future we would see that school is really all that we have as far as relaxed layed back life. After our years of education have passed us by all that we have is lots of hard work and responsibility to look forward to. School in retrospect really is not that bad without school you would know none of your friend, see any girls/boys, or know how to reason through things and use and acquire skills to help in the job market. So the great evil, public education, is not quite the monster that we all make it out to be.

This year, my junior year, has been just a slow cruise through another year because I know my school and teachers well and what is required of me academically so I am basically shooting the breeze until next year. Some of my classes have challenged me greatly while others have been quite useless and anger me that I must waste minutes of my valuable life taking them because they are required. While I am taking these courses I could have been putting my academic genius to work and continuously working towards reaching the higher plateau of solving this Earth's biggest problems. Being a junior is just like being the middle child in the family you are not quite the baby(sophomore) or the oldest(senior), but you fit in there somewhere doing your own thing. You really do not miss the tough times of being a sophomore, but you can not wait to have the privileges of being a senior and overall being able to graduate.

Graduation is not only sad for seniors, but everyone that has ever come into contact with them. These people are some of the best people that I will ever know and the chance of me seeing them on this life journey are slim to none. As I said before through education we forge life bonds that under other circumstances may have never been formed, so I guess I do owe that much to Batesville School District. Because a life without friends to share it with is like a life without sunshine or shoes without the Nike swoosh its worthless.

So for next year I plan on slacking off the whole year, smoothly cruising into graduation, getting my diploma, and partying like no one has ever partied before. I will have finally reached the end all be all my senior year the last time I will have to deal with high school again in my and this time can not come fast enough. It may seem impossible but I have had senioritis ever since I was a freshman so please God let time fly.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Westside Story

two street gangs the jets and the sharks are at war with one another sharks-puerto rican Americans jets-true americans they plan a fight maria is supposed to marry a member of the sharks chino but she falls in love with tony tony later tries to stop the battle between the two the puerto rican dude kills the american dude and then tony kills the puerto rican dude first mentioned maria finds out that tony killed bernardo and gets upset but she calms and then they make plans to run away together and then they make love jets make action the leader of set and they find out that chino is planning on hunting tony down and killing him with a gun jets accept anybodys into the set and then anybodys falls in love with action next tony tells maria to meet him at the candy store so they can run away to the country anita wonders how maria can love tony after killing her brother and maria explains then anita realizes that she loves tony as much as she loved her brother and the anita tells maria that chino is looking for tony anita goes to candy store to tell tony to wait for maria but she is insulted and nearly raped by jets she then says that maria is killed by chino out of jealously she survives but is never seen again doc tells tony supposed news about maria and he thinks he has nothing left to live for so he goes to find chino when tony sees maria alive chino shows up and shoots him maria tells both gangs hatred is what killed friends and everyone and she grabs the gun and says that she can kill now but she cant thus ending the violence chino gets arrested