Thursday, October 1, 2009

Book Review of Twilight

Stephany Meyer's Twilight was a compelling novel that was an amazing adventure. One theme of the book is that human life is worth more than we give it credit for sometimes. Another is that love will make you even risk your life just to sustain it. The author's style is very long winded and descriptive. This is very unusual and helps the setting to be imagined easily in the mind. The author's voice is somewhat calm and at times melancholy and has its own style.

The main character in the book is Bella a new girl at Forks High trying to find her way, but she ends up going on an adventure that she would have never expected. Bella is very believable and anyone that has ever been to public school knows about new kids, and I like her because she is herself and stays that way the whole book. Another character is Edward Cullen a shady character in the book who at first makes a bad impression upon Bella. but they soon find themselves in a situation no one suspected. I like him because in this story he is the guy that seems like an enemy and becomes a friend. Charlie is Bella's father and he is, according to Bella, the type that does not hover, and I think he should be more involved in Bella's life.

The setting is in Washington and its one of the wettest places in the continental United States. This is completely different from my word in Arkansas where the weather fluctuates from day to day. In the plot of the book a new girl Bella moves to this school and crashes into Edward Cullen. At first, they do not like each other, but before its all over they can not live without one another. This love even holds lives in the balance and tests the strength of there two characters.

This book reminds me of Romeo and Juliet because it is a tail of two young lovers. Both Bella and Edward were willing to risk their lives for their lover. This is a great book for the teenage mind and should be read in schools everywhere.

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