Monday, November 16, 2009

Book Review: Speak

Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak grabs you as a writer and does not let go until the very end. One theme of the book is that you can not let your past effect your future as the main character did in the book. Also acceptance is truly wanted by everyone, but some are afraid of finding it. I love the way the author writes different chapters in coherent spaces, times, and events instead of the traditional chapter by chapter. The setting of this book is obviously urban because of the size of her high school and the streets are not personal car friendly. Melinda's voice in this book is different from any other characters I have ever heard. It seems as the main character it is not her job to speak and she lets her past and actions speak for her.

I believe in these characters as people because some of them are seen in everyday life. I like Melinda in this book because she is the perfect role model for anyone that has ever let a problem beat them down. Throughout this whole book she grows as an individual and does not let anything get in the way of her progress. Though, she did not do all of this progressing alone she had help in major part by her art teacher. He was instrumental part of Melinda's recovery just because he helped her find herself through art, and this unleashed a side of Melinda that she did not even know was there.

The setting of this book is completely different from my world here in Arkansas where there are barely enough students to fill a high school. It is like our school in the fact that are a lot of cliques within the school, and outcasts remain outcasts like Melinda. The author makes me feel as if I am strolling the halls of Melinda's school as she hides from the world or sneaks off into her closet.

Well Melinda is social outcast that spends every single day of school alone. This is because once she was at a party, something happened, and she called the police. Before this incident Melinda was popular had friends and was very high upon the social ladder. Now almost at her lowest point yet she finds a friend and her art teacher helps her find a new outlet to the world. Then she starts speaking again and using her voice to show those that had turned against her that it was not her wrong doing that lead to her current situation.

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