Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No More Bullying?

Bullying has been a problem that has lingered in society from the very beginning of man. The bigger organism or whoever has the bigger stick has been the way for millions of years, but now we have embarked upon new times and things of the past should be put away. Instead we should all find a way to work together not just on a local but a national level countries should look for more efficient ways to settle problems than war.

Some find bullying as an ordinary thing and it is more like a circle of life kind of thing. You are picked on when you are small then when you are big you will do the bullying and the cycle just continues. This works especially in sports with underclassmen who must pay dues, but in all cases harassment sometimes becomes a little more than expected.

On the other end of the spectrum there are those that find bullying in the lightest of hearts as an evil cruel thing. Sometimes it is and events turn unfortunate, but all in all bullying may be an indicator to someone that a person likes you, wants to toughen you up, or shows their love through this way. Bullying is not good in most cases and punishment actions should be taken, and this will send a message to future harassers of the dangers.

Bullying is a necessary evil because even my country bullies other countries in certain situations. So as a solution I propose that bullying be controlled and held within the right restraints so it will not get out of control even if playful.

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