Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Here is an ode to a brand that changed the shoe industry as it was known way back in the day. No other logo has been more popular or effected history the way Nike has. The God of victory, Nike, was taken advantage of by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight to put their footwear on the map. Nike has not only effected the way we take care of our feet, but the way we express ourselves in today's culture.

Nike's sell from the date they are invented and way on into the future. For example, the Air Force One was first released in 1982 and later in 2007 songs were being made about them and they became more popular than when they were released. Multi-colored and rather simple in stature the Air Force One's have left there mark on generations of and new.

First being sold as a track shoe out of the back of their trunks Nike has brought footwear to a new high. They use new technology such as shox and even partnered with Apple to create Ipod compatible shoes. These are giant leaps considering the fact the soles of the shoes used to be made with a waffle irons and were almost weightless.

Nike has not only effected the world through shoes but they reach out to customers globally through commercials displaying famous athletes of all sports. Athletes such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan have made more money through contracts with Nike than they ever would have made playing sports alone. Though with today's changing times the brand must look for new outlets and that outlet is the Internet. There site provides outlets to their clothes, shoes, and many other products and services that Nike provides.

I really give Nike there credit because I am an athlete and avid shoe collector and with out this company I would not be the person I am today. Bringing my generation and I a sense of defiance and self expression, Nike brought us altogether in a way that nothing else in the world has.

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