Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The tsunami dealt a devastating blow to the Chilean people many just retired people looking for their little peace of happiness. With homes destroyed, no transportation, no electricity, no food, and little shelter the people are forced into primitive levels of survival. Though not all is bad for these people many foreign nations are giving aid and with internal help these people will be back on their feet in no time.
Global warming is it truth or something false that scientists are wasting their time on? Yes, indeed it is difficult to believe that there is a such thing as global warming when in the past couple of months snow has been falling everywhere and even Florida has gotten a chill or two, but what we are not seeing is the bigger picture and that despite the snow we have had one of the hottest decades in recorded history. So I think only time will tell if either the scientists are correct or if the criticisers will have the last laugh.
Despite having huge walls of concrete built up for protection destruction still reached many homes in the countries of Belgium, Portugal, Spain, and Germany. Patrol men were searching all the waterways and even city streets for bodies and any sign of life at all. The storm delayed many of France's major railways and cancellations continued at Frankfurt airport one Europe's most important hubs.
All of these stories have to do with in a way devastation either if its by flood, earthquake, or global warming. All of these events stir our interest because it is weird with all of the 2012 hype that these catastrophes are taking place. Second, all of these stories are weather related and some have man made influence. Third, people end up in some form or fashion paying with their lives debt to these events, but things like these have occurred over the whole history of Earth. Though what if the stars were aligned just right, the pioneer basketball team started winning games, and Americans started accepting soccer as a real sport these events could be the forefront of the dawning of a new era.

The most important idea to me is the global warming topic. This is the idea that the Earth is getting hotter and hotter and pretty soon will began the mass melting of the polar ice caps, which will result in the flooding of the Earth. This is important to me because so often in anything in life people miss the bigger picture, and yes right now there are no signs of global warming, but what about many years down the road. Yes, indeed science could be wrong they have been before but they do know more research and have more knowledge than most of us do on this subject so we should at least give what they say some thought.

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