Monday, May 3, 2010

Westside Story

two street gangs the jets and the sharks are at war with one another sharks-puerto rican Americans jets-true americans they plan a fight maria is supposed to marry a member of the sharks chino but she falls in love with tony tony later tries to stop the battle between the two the puerto rican dude kills the american dude and then tony kills the puerto rican dude first mentioned maria finds out that tony killed bernardo and gets upset but she calms and then they make plans to run away together and then they make love jets make action the leader of set and they find out that chino is planning on hunting tony down and killing him with a gun jets accept anybodys into the set and then anybodys falls in love with action next tony tells maria to meet him at the candy store so they can run away to the country anita wonders how maria can love tony after killing her brother and maria explains then anita realizes that she loves tony as much as she loved her brother and the anita tells maria that chino is looking for tony anita goes to candy store to tell tony to wait for maria but she is insulted and nearly raped by jets she then says that maria is killed by chino out of jealously she survives but is never seen again doc tells tony supposed news about maria and he thinks he has nothing left to live for so he goes to find chino when tony sees maria alive chino shows up and shoots him maria tells both gangs hatred is what killed friends and everyone and she grabs the gun and says that she can kill now but she cant thus ending the violence chino gets arrested

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