Friday, April 9, 2010


Most of our communication is done without ever saying one word. As we watch Mr. Bean he obviously does a great job of this. .Like in one part of the show he was taking a test and he kept telling the guy he could not out do Mr. Bean and he said very few words. He also was communicating that he was unprepared for the calculus test and he need to cheat to the other fellow too.Also the scene when he was at the beach he communicated that he did not want to be seen without ever opening his mouth. The blind gentlemen Mr. Bean thought was watching him gave off body language that he really did not want to be bothered so Mr. Bean said nothing to him. Also when Mr. Bean was in church he communicated to the whole world that he was tired by his yawning and other mysteriously weird antics.

In the first scene of this second movie about Mr. Bean he shows just how cheap he is by not asking the musician for change for the money he was about to give him, but digging around in the guys case for it. Then he puts a piece of newspaper on the ground starts dancing around and collects some of his own profit. In the restaurant he communicated to the server he did not want anymore to drink through hand motions indicating if intoxicated he may wreck while on his drive home. Also in this scene he put the table cloth on as a bib to show that he may make a mess and he kept tipping the waiter with random things proving he can be just as fancy as the other people. In this scene he was trying to communicate to the audience that the food was nasty because he kept hiding it in random places and through awkward facial expressions. In the scene when they are waiting for the royal party he indicates he is nervous and excited by moving around excessively. He indicated he had bad breath by almost making himself pass out then fanning away from him because it was so bad.

In the third film Mr. Bean shows that he is still very much a child in mind by going to the slide. In this scene he also indicates that he is afraid of heights by the way he reacts once he reaches the edge of the diving board, but he does not want the children to know he is afraid. The life guard communicates that something weird is going on by his facial expression, and when the camera just shows Mr. Bean's shorts floating in the water that is a non verbal gesture about what just happened. When the swimming pool scene is over with Mr. Bean yet again shows how cheap he is by trying to get out of paying his charge anyway possible. Mr. Bean's aggressive driving also indicated he was annoyed and was about to do something reckless. In the next scene Mr. Bean indicated he was hungry by licking his lips. In the movie seen he shows that he is not really to fond of scary movies because he is frightened from beginning to end.

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