Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let's Prom Like It is 2010!

The awesome rental car, the fresh silky tuxedo, the beautiful women in dresses, and a night full of dancing and memories that will last a life time. This is almost a right of passage into the fields of adulthood because it is a part of the American tradition now very much like Thanksgiving Day. Everyone dreams of this one night and puts upon the highest pedestal to where there whole future may be ruined if this night goes wrong. There are the hopeless romantic types who think they will spend this night with their truest love and the people who think a life long fantasy will be fulfilled. It is a great atmosphere to be apart except for the fact that on prom night I was at Colton's Steak House catching the gist of prom from their instead of actually experiencing it on my own in real life.

This is okay though because prom has never been anything that was really on agenda at all for the simple fact it is just not my scene. I would much rather make a little money then spend a whole five hours of my life being uncomfortable, taking pictures, and basically standing around. People think I am really weird and my family warns me of the big mistake I am making by not experiencing this crucial event in the life of a young man, but what they do not know is that I really could care less. In the overall bigger picture of things I am not a tuxedo kind of guy I love my t-shirt and jeans and dancing is just not my cup of punch(get it). So I should by now be feeling regret about my decisions, but I kind of feel empowered something like a rebel that may spark a change in society that will alter the course of history. Then I will have finally found my way to leave my mark on the world, but in all reality I am not bothered about how I spent my prom and for all of those that think they would die after a mistake like mine I am living just fine and I am even a few bucks richer.

So to all of you debating on prom yes or no all I can say is be yourself, know yourself, and follow your heart and you will have no regrets at all.

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