Monday, April 19, 2010

Notes about musicals

Fiddler on the roof: About traditions following past into future guy(tevye) has five daughters in no sons in a farming community very religious(jewish) Hebrew school arranged marriages did not like the tsar community likes peace and harmony they think without tradition they think life would have no order shaky like a fiddler on the roof people get married very early and having a husband is very important tevye wishes he was rich instead of a poor man a man says in the newspaper that the tsar evicted some jews from a village for no reason a young man(perchik) says that you can't close your eyes to the outside world and he says he can tudor his daughters in trade for food tevye oldest daughter(tzeitel) wants to marry motel but lazar the butcher would like her hand in marriage also. would like her hand in marriage but he is poor and is trying to save up money to buy a sewing machine(motel) so he can support a family and the wants to talk with tevye and tevye at first doesnt like lazar but then he thinks about the better life his daughter would have and how she would want for nothing after celebration of lazar's good fortune tevye bumps into russian constable who warns him of a coming minor pogrom(form of riot) he has sympathy for the jews but can do nothing about the coming violence. the next morning after perchik's lesson with the second oldest daughter (hodel) mocks his marxist interpretation of a bible story then he criticizes her for hanging on to old traditions of judaism noting that the world is changing then the two dance together defying the prohibition against opposite sexes dancing together the two are falling in love. tevye announces that they lazar will marry his oldest and golde is overjoyed but tzeitel begs for this not to happen and motel shows some backbone and stands up for himselfabout the relationship that he and his daughter share after this tevye allows them to marry and must break the news to golde he does this by pretending to wake up froma nightmare where his daughter is supposed to marry motel not lazar. while returning from town tevye's third daughter the bookish chava is teased and intimidated by some russian youths but one of them fyedka protects her he offers the loan of a book and a secret relationship begins. on motel and tzeitel wedding day lazar gives a fine gift but an arguement arises with tevye over broken agreement perchik ends this by breaking another tradition and dances with hodel celebration ends when group of russians ride into the village for a demonstration perchik is injured trying to fight back and tevye advises everyone just to clean up.

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