Monday, March 29, 2010

Be Golden

Nature as we all know can be a serene place, but at times it can also be a dirty pollution filled place. Natures first green is gold can be taken in a literal sense and with some self contemplation other meanings can be derived. I not only see nature as trees, flowers, and grass but it is a source of gold to humans because many of our resources come from nature. As I go deeper into analysis of the poem I take away from it that not only things can not stay golden in nature, but also in reference to humans no one can stay young forever. Also the poem could be a reference to how in the human race's on going pursuit for perfection it will eventually lead to our down fall or our modern day Eden sinking to grief.

We all take our own personal meaning away from the poem because we all have had different experiences in life and are all just undeniably different, but the probable official meaning of this poem is very easily seen, but if only we quickly look among the golden trees as they turn green we may find something miraculous as I believe I have.

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