Monday, March 8, 2010


Who? The on going struggle between teachers and students that has been going on for years because of generation differences caused by technology that teachers can not keep up with.
What? Some school officials think that ipods and other devices like it should be banned because some aspects of the technology can help students cheat.
When? In the past few years with the mass emergence of ipods and other types of world and life changing technologies. Technology is invented so quickly and things are changing so rapidly in this day time, and for that fact alone we have problems like these.
Where? From some of the most prestigious universities to the smallest high school in the nation problems like this have been popping up and a solution needs to be found.
Why? This topic matters because if this situation is not handled the integrity of students may be diminished forever because it will be so easy to cheat. It continues the same fight of teachers saying how technology is corrupting their students, but at the same time trying to incorporate it into class.

I agree with this article half hearted because I do not believe media devices should be used during class, but during down time at school they should be allowed because it would be like a free time for the students. To prevent cheating on test day confiscate devices until everyone is done then give them back, but on a regular class period allow them to do whatever they want because this is the United States of America if you fail its your fault. Technology obviously is our future so everyone needs to embrace and search for positive ways to use it in all aspects of life. This article explains my position best.


Jimmy said...

I agree with your comment iPods should not be banned but only confiscated before tests and exams so that students are not allowed to use them to cheat.

mpalese said...

I also agree with you for the most part. While testing, iPods should be put away, but not confiscated. If a student is caught cheating with an iPod, they should be punished accordingly. I think you set up your post in a way that was very easy to understand, and it flowed very well. I find it ironic how teachers are trying to push laptops on us, but at the same time they are trying to take away other electronic devices.