Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Ole St. Patrick

Today is you guessed it St. Patrick's day and my teacher decided for us to make a blog about. This day really holds no importance in my life and never has except for the fact from time to time you get to flirt with the girls and pinch them. Also I am not Irish I am at the opposite end of the spectrum and my celebration ended last month. Though St. Patrick's Day does deserve some credit because I often remember all of the elementary parties we would have at school with all of the candy, food, and extra recess that you could stomach. I guess holidays hold more value when you are young because with parents as an example and myself you just lose interest in things like these over time. Being the fashion person that I am green is just my color, it never just meshed so this may be one of the other causes in my lack for appreciation of St. Patrick's Day. A funny thing is that I do believe in leprechauns because I am pretty sure I have a few friends who are these Irish figures, or maybe it is because I am fairly tall and I like poking fun at my friends who knows. With even more homage to St. Patrick's Day I have been very lucky throughout my life because as many people on this I am past due to be in the grave so I guess I do have a closer connection to St. Patrick's Day than I ever thought.

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