Monday, March 15, 2010


Being an Olympic athlete takes the ultimate commitment of pretty much giving your life to your craft. Not very many people can obviously do this because there are not that many Olympians and even fewer champions. Less family time, no comfort food, or relaxing Olympians are amazing individuals not only in their given field, but also in making and keeping this commitment.

There are not many things I would be willing to keep such a commitment to, but if I had to guess it would be my children if I ever decided to have any. Often in life parents over look the importance of how fragile children are and how the littlest of things can effect them their whole lives. Take a look at most psychologically insane people most of their anger comes from a small incident in their younger years.

Their lives would not be all milk and honey, but they would be treated to the best of my abilities because I will treat them the way I wanted to be treated as a kid. A great man once said that we have now entered into the years of child worship and that kids hold to much attention in these days, but maybe these things are a sign of bettered relationships between parents and children and things are getting better in our country.

I guess in a sense parents are like Olympians because most give their life to their child which in some cases more troublesome than any sport, and by no means am I ready for children yet but I am in the preparation stage so maybe when I do decide to compete I will take the gold.

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